This could be one of my FAVORITE flying photos ever 🙂  To go right along with my fave flying photo, this is one of my fave family photos from this session!

Oh and just so you know, navy and orange is now my favorite combo for family photos 🙂

Some images…

just need to be viewed LARGE 🙂

I shared a small sneak peek on my facebook page of this lovely senior and every time I pull a batch in to retouch I find more I love.  I skipped ahead in the session just a bit to view the dirt bike shots!  I love it that she is absolutely GORGEOUS, sweet as can be, and enjoys hanging out with her family riding!  Thanks to her dad for hauling the bike to my studio, I loved the way this turned out!!

A beautiful stare…

and a smile for mom 🙂

How on earth….

did I ever get so lucky?  I get to snuggle brand new babies, meet their wonderful parents, and create images they will treasure for years and years to come.  How did I ever get so lucky?  I don’t know how, but I sure am grateful 🙂

I had a REALLY hard time picking images for this sneak peek.  I try not to share too many because I enjoy seeing clients reactions to my work in person.  I will admit, I do like making people cry (tears of joy of course). 🙂

They grow like weeds…

It’s been a year since I photographed this little beauty.  I have a couple images of her hanging in the studio and couldn’t believe how much she changed in just one year.  She was busy and full of personality….just how I like them 🙂  The family shot is another I could post in the “what to wear” post.  I love their solid brown shirts and her coordinating brown pattern!

This is the last week of summer vacation before school starts for my 3 kiddos.  I may take a bit longer to respond to e-mail and voice mails as I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with them.  My baby is starting kindergarten…how on earth did that happen??