Guess what?

blog12Their adventure has begun and I’ll be posting images of the new addition in a day or two.  Stay tuned…

She did it again…

I photographed little “K” a few months ago and one of my favorite shots (and moms too) was this one…


So while I was proofing this session and came across this one I thought, WoW!  There is something about this little beauty when she looks down and to the side that captivates me.  Just an innocence about it that I love…


Now, I have many, many favorites from this session.  Way too many to post.  I could have photographed her all day!   I’m looking forward to our summer session with her brothers.   The morning of the session mom e-mailed concerned about the amount of natural light and that the grass was going to be wet.  Well, I convinced her that the light would be fine and we just needed some props to get her off the ground.  I brought a chair and asked if she had an old wagon.  Luckily grandma had saved the wagon from when “K”‘s mom was little and we got to use it.  She also had the old wooden rocking chair that worked out perfectly. 

Here are just a few of the gallery full of beautiful images…

Look at those lashes!



Sooo big!





Happy 1st birthday “K”!

I had a terrible time…

choosing images to post from this family session!!  This isn’t even a sneak peek I had such a hard time! 







Mom e-mailed after the session to say it was the most fun they have ever had getting their photos taken!!  Made my day AND made for some amazing captures!  Thank you “J” family it was a pleasure working with you!

Opening Day!

I love baseball season!  I’m always sad when it ends.  We are very busy with 2 boys playing but I love every minute of it!   I love capturing the action, just love it!  Freezing the motion and even better the ball in mid air (and sometimes the player) is one of my favorite things to shoot.  My boys are way over me photographing them for regular portraits but love it when I shoot them playing.  They’ll even yell over at me during the game when they’ve made a play or hit the ball and say, “Did you get that mom?”.  Here are a few of Kyle and I’ll post some of Ryan in a bit.


I love the pure determination on his face!


and the sheer joy when he tags home (well hopefully he actually got his foot down)


Playing 3rd base…he was ready for this grounder but it took a bad hop as you can see.  Way to use your body Kyle!