A shy one…

This little guy only wanted his momma when I first met up with them at the gardens.  I was a little worried we would get any grins out of him, but it didn’t take him long to warm up.






Super fun family!

I have to tell you that this family made it soooo easy!  You could absolutely tell that they just loved being together.   I hope you can feel it because I certainly felt it behind the camera! 



Isn’t the little guy adorable?  He told me several new jokes during our session and I think I may have missed some shots I was laughing so hard (don’t worry mom you have TONS to choose from) !

“J” : “How do you get a kleenex to dance?”

“Me” : “How?”

“J”:  “Put a boogie in it!”

Seriously, you’re cracking up aren’t you?  Remember “J”, the next time I see you I’m expecting some fresh cilantro!

Here she is…

The “G” family welcomed this beautiful, and I mean beautiful baby girl!  She was so perfect with her round little cheeks!  Congratulations to both of you, I really enjoyed spending the morning with you!






Make a wish…

We went to the park today and Emma found this pile of cotton wood (?), not sure if that’s what you call it.  Anyway, she told me she wanted to make a wish.  Guess what she wished for?  A pony, yes a pony.  At least my girl knows how to wish big!

The sad part is as were were walking home she said, “I wonder if my pony will be in the backyard when we get home?” 


Guess what?

blog12Their adventure has begun and I’ll be posting images of the new addition in a day or two.  Stay tuned…