I nearly cried…

When I found the locks of golden hair laying on the dining room floor.  I nearly cried when my friend Jessica pulled the rest of her hair into a pony tail and cut it all off.  My husband kept saying, “It could be worse.”  He’s right, it could be worse.  She now has a fresh new do for Spring that will be much easier to do in the morning.  Here are a couple of Emma’s attempt at cutting her hair and then of my friend Jessica’s fix.  She could be bald and I’d still think was the cutest thing ever!!  I tried telling her that if she cut her hair again she would look like a boy.  Well, her response was, “I want a boy haircut!”  Needless to say ALL of our scissors are under lock and key! 






Simply Beautiful…

There is something I love about black and white newborn photography.  Nothing to distract from the emotion that is felt by new parents, nothing to draw your eye away from that beautiful little face.  It’s simple and timeless.  Most times my favorite shots are just a black or white background and a perfect little newborn.  Sometimes the most powerful, storytelling images aren’t even faces…





How about one in color.  This little carriage belonged to her mom when she was little.




Congratulations to the “M” family on their beautiful baby girl!


She’s one!  I have to tell you that my first birthday sessions are always bittersweet.  While I love, love watching these kiddos grow it makes me sad I won’t be seeing them every few months.  To know I have captured these babies from sweet little newborns to expressive little people melts my heart.  I love my job, I really do.


I have photographed her in a cupboard, near a deer, and on a bear.


I have photographed her in a basket, with a hat, and on a chair.


I have photographed her in a carriage, on a sled, almost everywhere.


“I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam I am.”


Ooops!, felt like Dr. Suess there for a minute.


Happy, Happy 1st Birthday “J”!!!!


Illinois Newborn Photographer ~ Big Sister!

So I photographed little “N” a couple years ago when she was new.  Well, now she is a big sister!!!  I can’t believe it has been 2 yrs already since I’ve seen her.  I was thrilled when mom called to let me know they would be adding to their family and asked if I would photograph their new baby girl. 

With the help of grandma and a bit of chocolate bribery we got some really sweet shots of big sister….



Baby sister was a dream and was so good for us!  Isn’t her momma beautiful!  Love this image. 

There is something about daddy’s arms holding a baby that gets me every time.