I couldn’t resist :)

This is Myla and she sits under my lilac bush quite often.  The combination of the snow  and her cute little face was just too much not to get a shot.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!  Thank you for a fantastic 2010!!

How on earth….

did I ever get so lucky?  I get to snuggle brand new babies, meet their wonderful parents, and create images they will treasure for years and years to come.  How did I ever get so lucky?  I don’t know how, but I sure am grateful 🙂

I had a REALLY hard time picking images for this sneak peek.  I try not to share too many because I enjoy seeing clients reactions to my work in person.  I will admit, I do like making people cry (tears of joy of course). 🙂

Art for your walls…

Before photography was my profession, I, like many people considered and 8×10 a wall portrait.  I would occasionally order an 11×14 of my favorite photographs thinking this was a BIG image.  I think many look at the numbers 16×20 or 20×30 and think,” that must be a mural!”    Actually,  it’s not,  and depending on your space a larger image or a collection of smaller images is usually more in proportion with your walls and furniture.   When we think of an art gallery we think of huge images (poster size)  hanging for all to see.  Why not make your images of your little works of art the center of your room.  The focal point.  I’m attaching a couple examples to show you.  I have never had someone say to me, “Gosh I wish I had ordered that smaller!”

Here is a 20×30 gallery wrap hanging above the chair I used to shoot it.  The image on the chair is an 11×14.  Although the photo is BIG, it fits really well hanging above the chair.

One of my clients ordered a 24×36 gallery wrap and (2) 16×16 gallery wraps.  She was kind enough to send me an image of her display.  I love how it shows the proportion.  Those are large images, but they fit perfectly in this room.

I would love to see how more of you are displaying your prints and canvas.  If you’d like to e-mail them to me at shannonwalton@sbcglobal.net I would love to share them 🙂