How did I ever get so lucky?

I was looking through the images I took of Emma the other day and came across these two.  Emma wanted her daddy to sit with her so I took the opportunity to snap a couple of them together.  I have to tell you that this thing, this business, this career, this amazing experience of being a children’s photographer started with him.  He encouraged me from the very beginning.  He keeps me organized, keeps my files backed up, loads software, he is my technical guru.  He is my prop finder.  He found the limb for Emma’s valentines, climbed several trees to find the branch for the newborn images, he helped our friends load and haul a full size couch to a field and then waited on stand by to come pick it up again.  He is my light tester.  He will let me practice new lighting and posing whenever I ask.  If I’m trying something new he is always willing to give up an afternoon scouting a new location or testing some idea….always. 

If I say, “Boy, I’d like to have that new camera, or wouldn’t that new lens be awesome,” the next day I’ll have e-mails from him showing me the best place to get it or some deal he found while searching. 

He’s and incredible dad!  We have been married for almost 13 years now and he makes me laugh EVERY DAY!  I’m thankful that God allowed us to find each other because I can’t imagine my life without him in it.




I love designing books.  Each one custom, each one telling your child’s unique story.  I just put together a first year story book for one of my  little clients.  It was really cool to see how much she had grown in just one year as you turned each page.  I have clients who do a book for each session.  What a keepsake! I know I haven’t been so good about updating Emma’s baby book and would have loved to of had one for her first year.  Maybe that can be my winter project!!!

We can include quotes, things they say, messages from you to them, the options are endless.  I decided to photograph this book when it came in so you could see it.











We also offer 5×5 brag books which are perfect for putting in your handbag and showing off your little ones to family and friends.

Spring is coming…

so I thought I’d get out and practice.  I cannot wait for outdoor sessions, this warmer weather really has me itching to shoot outside!!  I love it that I have a built in model.  The first image is her model pose.  If you ask her to model, this is what she does.  The other day she rolled out the whole roll of aluminum foil for her runway and strutted down it wearing her pink heels and green leggings.  Pretty darn cute.  She picked the hat.  I think it’s cute even though it didn’t match perfectly and if she’s willing to let me photograph her I’m willing to let her wear just about whatever she wants.   She calls it her cow hat and it’s almost too small.  I have some updates coming in the next day or two and I took images of a book that a client ordered I’d like to share. 





I’m Back!!

We just got back from a photography workshop in Michigan.  I had a blast.  It was great meeting some fellow photographers and learning tons of new things!  Believe it or not I didn’t photograph one child during this workshop!  I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone.  I feel most comfortable with kids and it truly is what I love to do, but must admit it was fun working with adult models.  I will share some images from the workshop soon.  I think it’s so important to constantly be pushing myself to take my images to the next level.  

I shot this lovely little lady before we left and I know her mom is patiently waiting her sneak peek.  I first photographed “J” when she was a newborn.  She was a BEAUTIFUL baby…just beautiful.  Well, not much has changed since then because as you can see she is simply adorable!  Her mom brought everything you see, right down to the marshmallows for sugar cubes (so clever).  What is more impressive is she put all of these things away for quite some time so that when we shot her session all the props would be new to her.  Way to go mom!!





I will be out of the office from Sunday-Wednesday.  I will have limited access to voicemail and e-mail.  I will try to check e-mail as often as possible but it may take me a bit longer to get back to you.  Thank you!

Also, July is completely booked.  Thank you to everyone who has reserved their session for 2009.  If you are waiting or considering a session with us this year it really is best to book early.  May, August and September only have a few remaining spots.  Again, I appreciate all of my repeat clients and look forward to meeting many new ones this year as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!