That’s what we call her.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with photographing her.  I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because she has a loose tooth and those top baby teeth will no longer be.  She’s growing up, I don’t like it, but she is.  She could be the most photographed child in Central Illinois.  After all I started doing this when she was just 9 months old.  Yep, nearly 7 years ago.  So many things have changed in that time, I have grown as a photographer, and she has grown into a little lady.  I look back at the thousands of images I’ve taken of our baby, our only girl, and am thankful to be able to give her beautiful photos when she is grown.  My hope is that she looks at these images and feels how much we loved HER, not how much I loved photography.

Fall is almost here and the field was looking beautiful with all the yellow flowers in bloom.  It was just calling for the new yellow chair, so her daddy and I made promises of  an ice cream cone at DQ and she agreed to some fun in the field.   The sun wasn’t quite low enough when we first arrived so she got that cone before our session 🙂  She has always been pretty great as long as I’m patient while we are shooting.  Most of the smiles are a result of her dad giving me bunny ears or pretending he sees a spider on my head.

We are completely booked for September and I only have 3 remaining spots in October.  So if you want a fall session it’s best if you grab one now 🙂

**Anyone who posts a comment on THIS blog post will be entered to win a complimentary session and (25) custom holiday cards!  That’s right, I’ll waive the session fee and you’ll get a set of (25) cards!  The session will be booked for November 2011.  Session can be immediate family or a sibling/kid session(no large groups or newborns).   I’ll draw a winner Friday! **

Where I started…

Those of you who have been following me and my work for awhile now will most likely recognize one of the beauties in this post.  I have been photographing her since I started.  This family changed the way I thought my business would go.  They changed the way I thought of photographing kids and families.  I’m thankful they were one of the very first clients because it’s a session that I think about often and am continually reminded why I do what I do.  During that very first session I drove to their home.  Mom had planned a tea party for her daughter and I sat back and watched (and snapped) the connection unfold.  I FELT the love shared by this family.  It was an amazing experience to witness and capture with my camera.  I left there thinking, that is what I want from every session.  I want to “Capture the Spirit of Childhood.”  Those tea party images are still hanging on their wall and while I’ve grown as a photographer in both business and skills I’m reminded how important what I do is.  I’m reminded that I am responsible for preserving these memories for a lifetime.  So for those of you who choose me as your photographer, I’m grateful.  Fast forward to 2011, the “G” family now has a new daughter and little Miss “M” has a sister.  I recently photographed them together and had so much fun seeing this new connection in their family.  I have so many clients who have become dear friends.  I have so many kids I have watched grow and each time one of them walk in the door I’m grateful to be a small part of their lives.  Now that I’ve gotten all sappy let’s proceed with some photos, shall we?

New Blog~New Baby

So we have a new blog, which will actually be our new website soon.  I love the new features this blog offers and everything can be found in one spot.  I have been terrible about updating my website because quite frankly it was a pain.  This new site makes it easy to update galleries, add favorite sites, info, ect.  I LOVE it!  I love the colors, the layout, the overall feel.  It is me.  I hope you all love it too!  I still have galleries to add, but you can view a few of them under the “My Work” tab at the top.  Today I worked on the blog, but I also photographed the sweetest little baby girl.  Which also brings me to the next reason I decided to make the time to upgrade my site.  I have missed posting about my sessions.  I have missed sharing my experiences.  I believe the connection I make with my clients is the reason we have grown each and every year.  The blog has always been my way of staying connected and will admit that facebook has made me lazy.  Well, I plan to change that starting with this little beauty…

Some images…

just need to be viewed LARGE 🙂

I shared a small sneak peek on my facebook page of this lovely senior and every time I pull a batch in to retouch I find more I love.  I skipped ahead in the session just a bit to view the dirt bike shots!  I love it that she is absolutely GORGEOUS, sweet as can be, and enjoys hanging out with her family riding!  Thanks to her dad for hauling the bike to my studio, I loved the way this turned out!!

A beautiful stare…

and a smile for mom 🙂