Super fun family!

I have to tell you that this family made it soooo easy!  You could absolutely tell that they just loved being together.   I hope you can feel it because I certainly felt it behind the camera! 



Isn’t the little guy adorable?  He told me several new jokes during our session and I think I may have missed some shots I was laughing so hard (don’t worry mom you have TONS to choose from) !

“J” : “How do you get a kleenex to dance?”

“Me” : “How?”

“J”:  “Put a boogie in it!”

Seriously, you’re cracking up aren’t you?  Remember “J”, the next time I see you I’m expecting some fresh cilantro!

Here she is…

The “G” family welcomed this beautiful, and I mean beautiful baby girl!  She was so perfect with her round little cheeks!  Congratulations to both of you, I really enjoyed spending the morning with you!






Next up…

I have been photographing these two for several years now and always enjoy seeing them.  Big sis is just stunning!  I gasped when I opened several of her images.  Little brother is a doll and both have AMAZING blue eyes.  Their mom is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and always look forward to hanging out with her.

Again, I had a hard time choosing as you will see this is large share…









I’ve been busy!

Sorry for the posting delay but it’s been a little crazy around here!  I have lots, and I mean LOTS of images to share!  I guess I just needed a little nudge (thank you Colleen) to get my act together and share some recent sessions.  None of these are sneak peeks as all my clients have seen their images but each deserve their spot featured on the blog, so here it goes…


First up, this Adorable little 1 year old, and I mean Adorable with a capitol A!  It turns out he wasn’t feeling so well and although we got a few cute images we had to cut our session short and are reshooting in a couple weeks when he is feeling like is regular chipper self.  It is very important to me that my clients get a gallery full of images that capture their children, every single ounce of them!  I look forward to seeing him again.  I mean c’mon look at him, who wouldn’t want to spend time with this Adorable(yes, with a capitol A) little fella!!



My favorite…