Happy Holidays from our home to yours!

I fail at this blog thing.  Like really fail.  I’m trying to make a better effort but FACEBOOK is so easy to get images out there and I just get lazy.  I however have changed my photo and updated the top image in an effort to start posting again.  I wanted to share our family Christmas card with all of you.  We’ve been planning this for quite some time.  As you can see, sports, school, business and work keep us on the go most days.  This winter has been especially hectic.  This card is totally us!  We are in the place where we gather, doing the things that we love and make up our busy lives.  My family LOVED doing this.  Usually family photos are not their favorite day.  This time they each put in their input, decided what we’d wear and executed it with smiles on their faces and loads of laughs.   I love it so much!  It is the Walton family 2015!  Thank you so much to each and every one of you for another amazing year.  Merry Christmas and Happiest New Year to all of you!

Brothers and Laughter.

I recently photographed these two with their little sister.  I have a bunch of images to share from this session once mom has seen all of them.  While I was proofing their images I came across this one.  There is a quote that reads something along the lines of “laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”  So true 🙂  The three of them reminded me so much of my 3, especially the two big brothers.  When I saw this photo I instantly thought of a similar image I have of my boys from a couple years back.  It has been hanging on my wall until recently when we painted and prompted me to get it back up.  It is one of my all time favorites and makes me smile every time I look at it.  They aren’t looking at me, perfectly posed but I can almost hear the laughter when I look at each one of these.  I don’t expect your kids to sit still like statues during our session together, in fact, my favorite sessions are the ones when my little clients feel comfortable enough to have some fun and most of all be themselves 🙂

Congratulations to Cori Roberts and Kristen D’Alfonso!  You are the winners of a complimentary session and (25) holiday cards.  Please e-mail shannon@shannonwalton.net to set up your November session!   Thanks so much to all of you for posting your comments!!  Have a great weekend!


Couple things…

Tonight is date night with my daughter.  We’ll be doing a little shopping, eating and with any luck belly laughs will also be shared.  There are a couple things I’ve been meaning to post about so I’m going to try to make it short and sweet because remember I have some belly laughing to do.  I get e-mails almost daily from photographers and aspiring photographers asking me questions about photography, business, where I get my props and so on.  While I’m flattered to have inspired others I just don’t have the time to answer every one.   In a perfect world I could take the time to sit down and answer every question in detail but right now keeping up with my clients and my family is all I can handle.  The world wide web is a wonderful thing and you can find pretty much anything you take the time to search for.  I will tell you that I shoot manual 100% of the time when photographing clients.  There is no luck involved in the creation of my images.  Well, sometimes I get lucky with a killer expression or a pose that one of my little clients create themselves, but I choose the settings, lighting, background, posing, ect.  I know my camera, I know my lights, I know the rules of composition.   I have even gotten really good at anticipating those killer moments, in fact, when my photographer friends were here I was photographing a newborn and  said to them, “mark my words, we are about to get a smile!”   Sure enough within seconds our little baby was grinning from ear to ear 🙂   I will admit that when I first started my shots were mostly luck.  I couldn’t stand the feeling of not being in control and knowing I was going to be able to deliver fantastic images every single time so I have spent the last 6 years continuing to learn and develop my skill.  Another thing to consider is not only the photography aspect of being a photographer, but the business aspect also.  It’s not always easy running your own business.  I could certainly do without the business part of business but in order to succeed and plan for the future  I have to devote just as much, if not more, to that part of being a photographer.   Having a business plan, insurance, studio policies and paying taxes are just as important as knowing how to take a great photo.

The second thing I’d like to chat about for a second also has to do with e-mails I receive.  I get so many great e-mails, facebook messages, even hand written notes from clients thanking me for their experience.  I would like to create a testimonial link here on the blog.  If you’d like to write a testimonial I sure would appreciate it!  You can send them through the contact link above.   95% of my clients come from referrals…that is pretty awesome!  I would love to share some of those experiences with my potential clients so if you have the time I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!
Let the belly laughing BEGIN!!

Sweet Rides and Tough Guys!

The inspiration for this mini session came from 2 images actually.  My all time favorite shot of my boys together and another little fella which still makes my heart melt every time I look at it.  The image of my boys has been hanging on my wall for several years now.  It will hang somewhere in my home until my grand kids are old enough to do this shot 🙂

my boys…

little heart melter…

My latest little model and quite the tough guy himself…

These sessions are not 20 minute sessions.  They are 45 minute sessions, therefore space is limited.  Please send me an e-mail if you’d like to book and I will send a PayPal invoice for $85 to the e-mail you specify.  Once I receive payment we will set up a time.   I cannot reserve time slots without payment.  You also do not have to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal but if you do have an account already set up please send me that e-mail address when you e-mail to reserve your spot.  I’d appreciate it if you didn’t text me.  I prefer to have the e-mails all together and it will help me keep things coordinated and the order in which people booked.   My E-mail is shannonwalton@sbcglobal.net

If we fill up Sat.  I will open up times on Sunday.  The 11×14 image will be printed on metallic paper which is awesome for metal and high contrast images.  Bikes, trikes, petal cars, skateboards, look awesome on metallic.  The image I have of my boys is a metallic gallery wrap.  You do not have to have it printed this way, but highly recommend it for this session 🙂

Here is the rest of the info you need to know….

More of the “V” family

I’ve been photographing them for a LONG time 🙂  Their kids know me, feel comfortable with me.  Building a relationship with your photographer is a great way to get relaxed, fun images.  Not to mention when everyone feels comfortable it will show in your photos.  That photographer doesn’t have to be me, but if you find one who’s work you love, who works well with with your family, the images can only get better in my opinion.  For my clients, I get to know their personalities, what they like, what makes them laugh, and even how they like me to shoot.  I’m familiar with what they typically order and need for their homes and plan the session accordingly.  I have many, many families who I see on a regular basis.  It’s THE main reason I have stayed busy.  Combine that with so many who refer their friends, which in my opinion is THE best form of advertising (a happy client telling another) and you have a successful studio/client relationship 🙂   Now onto the “V” family…