Smashing the CAKE!

Well hello friends!  It’s been awhile!  So long actually I had to remember how to write a post here on the blog.  I am in the mood to do some spring cleaning and “decorate” this space in the next few weeks.

One of my very favorite sessions is the “smash the cake”.  I probably laugh more at these sessions than any other.  I had a very busy winter with newborns last year so this year we’ve had lots of first birthdays.  These images are perfect for a child’s room and even in the kitchen.  How cute would it be to have a series of cake images hanging in your dining room?!  I even had one family use some images from this session to create birthday cards to send to friends and family throughout the year!  They are so cute!  I had many asking to see more images from these sessions after doing some sneak peeks on facebook.  Here are a couple of beautiful birthday girls who celebrated in the studio with me recently.


That’s what we call her.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with photographing her.  I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because she has a loose tooth and those top baby teeth will no longer be.  She’s growing up, I don’t like it, but she is.  She could be the most photographed child in Central Illinois.  After all I started doing this when she was just 9 months old.  Yep, nearly 7 years ago.  So many things have changed in that time, I have grown as a photographer, and she has grown into a little lady.  I look back at the thousands of images I’ve taken of our baby, our only girl, and am thankful to be able to give her beautiful photos when she is grown.  My hope is that she looks at these images and feels how much we loved HER, not how much I loved photography.

Fall is almost here and the field was looking beautiful with all the yellow flowers in bloom.  It was just calling for the new yellow chair, so her daddy and I made promises of  an ice cream cone at DQ and she agreed to some fun in the field.   The sun wasn’t quite low enough when we first arrived so she got that cone before our session 🙂  She has always been pretty great as long as I’m patient while we are shooting.  Most of the smiles are a result of her dad giving me bunny ears or pretending he sees a spider on my head.

We are completely booked for September and I only have 3 remaining spots in October.  So if you want a fall session it’s best if you grab one now 🙂

**Anyone who posts a comment on THIS blog post will be entered to win a complimentary session and (25) custom holiday cards!  That’s right, I’ll waive the session fee and you’ll get a set of (25) cards!  The session will be booked for November 2011.  Session can be immediate family or a sibling/kid session(no large groups or newborns).   I’ll draw a winner Friday! **

Spring is coming…

so I thought I’d get out and practice.  I cannot wait for outdoor sessions, this warmer weather really has me itching to shoot outside!!  I love it that I have a built in model.  The first image is her model pose.  If you ask her to model, this is what she does.  The other day she rolled out the whole roll of aluminum foil for her runway and strutted down it wearing her pink heels and green leggings.  Pretty darn cute.  She picked the hat.  I think it’s cute even though it didn’t match perfectly and if she’s willing to let me photograph her I’m willing to let her wear just about whatever she wants.   She calls it her cow hat and it’s almost too small.  I have some updates coming in the next day or two and I took images of a book that a client ordered I’d like to share. 






I will be out of the office from Sunday-Wednesday.  I will have limited access to voicemail and e-mail.  I will try to check e-mail as often as possible but it may take me a bit longer to get back to you.  Thank you!

Also, July is completely booked.  Thank you to everyone who has reserved their session for 2009.  If you are waiting or considering a session with us this year it really is best to book early.  May, August and September only have a few remaining spots.  Again, I appreciate all of my repeat clients and look forward to meeting many new ones this year as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Photographer in the making…

My friend Colleen is a bit ornery, which is probably why all my little clients love her.  Our sons are on the same basketball team this year so we get to watch the games together.  Emma was sitting with her and picked up her camera and wanted to take a picture.  She couldn’t get it to work so Colleen told her that she had to stick out her tongue and scrunch up her face in order for the camera to work.   So, Emma  did exactly that…



Ha ha!  I nearly laughed my head off!!  This is her taking a picture of me…(if you look closely her tongue is still out)


…and this is the picture she took! 


Pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  I’m loving the composition on this one. 

Thanks for the chuckle Colleen!