I have THE BEST clients!

So I made a couple photo deliveries the other day in the same neighborhood and when I dropped off one of my clients images she had a little gift for me!!  It was the coolest easel!  How sweet is that?!  She picked one up for herself and thought of me and decided to get me one too!  

 Awhile back I posted a 20×30 photo wrap of Emma and mentioned not having room on my walls, well now I don’t have to because the easel is just perfect for that photo…




I was totally blown away by her kindness!  Thank you so much “S”!  I love it!!

Deciding which to post…

I have a terrible time deciding which images from sessions to post.    So many I love and my models were just as cute as they could be!!  Anyway, I must save some surprises for the gallery so here are just a couple.  I pretty much just closed my eyes and grabbed 2 of each. 

Is anyone out there?  Hopefully your not all still over at the old blog, which I’m still getting comments on…thank you!  Let’s have some feedback over here, ok?


Mr. Curly Locks

Oh my is he cute!  Look at those golden curls and those beautiful blue eyes.  He was so happy and greeted me with that giant grin as soon as mom got him out of the van.  He is also featured on the first slide of the blog header.   Normally this time of year everything tends to be brown and dry, but with all the rain we’ve had everything is so lush and green, just look at the color in this image….

Oh Yeah!!!

BIG BEAUTIFULLY DISPLAYED IMAGES AT LAST!!  I know I posted this on the old blog, but wanted you to see it in this new format.  I think my new blog and I will be getting along just fine!!  I will keep the old blog, cause well there are alot of memories on the ol typepad blog and I couldn’t possibly delete them.  So if you ever wanna go back and look thru the posts I will keep my typepad account open.