If only I could go back.

If I could go back say 11 years I would definately insist on having a newborn session for each of my kids.  I look at all the newborn images I’ve done and each time wish I had photos like this of my children.  They truly are works of art for your home featuring the most precious of all gifts, your baby.  They are timeless and can be displayed for many, many years.  That newborn look only lasts for a few weeks after birth so if you are thinking about it I would highly encourage you to capture that time in your babies life. 

This little guy was such a good sleeper and mom and dad were fabulous to work with.  Congrats to both of you on your beautiful baby boy!

One more thing…I want you to notice his finger in the second image.  I am really starting to get a complex as this has happened quite a bit lately.  hehe!







Holiday Cards

I’ve had a lot of people ask so I’m going to post holiday card choices here on the blog.  When choosing your card just let me know what page and number.  Some images work better in some cards as you can see by the way the frames are placed (horizontal/vertical).  Most times I can accomodate your photo request and card background by tweaking the card a bit so just ask. 


Don’t you just love outtakes.  Many times the outakes at the end of a movie end up being my favorite part of the whole movie.  As you can imagine, photographing kids I get LOTS of outtakes, and alot of times they are my favorite images.  I’m a little weird like that I guess.  I think I’ll start sharing some of the outtakes.  Images that wouldn’t make the gallery cut, but still make you laugh out loud!!  Here’s one from a recent session….



 It’s hard to believe that the above image happened just minutes before this one…

I’ll let you decide which one you think is more “real” life than the other!!

Here’s a couple more favorites..


Another Beautiful baby!

I’ve been looking forward to the arrival of this little one.  His momma is a sweetheart and I knew she had lots of great things planned for our session.  Dad plays the guitar and he really wanted an image with the baby and his guitar.  Love that!  Mom also told me that babies favorite spot was daddy’s chest.  I recall many images of my husband snuggled up on the couch with my kids sleeping soundly on his chest.  Seemed fitting to photograph him on his favorite spot!



I love this time of year!

I get to see lots of my past clients this time of year and am always amazed at how much they grow in 1 year.  These 2 are just as cute as they can be and could not have hand picked their outfits any better.   I love chunky sweaters and button ups for little guys in the fall. 



I LOVE this photo!  I love the way he’s standing, the way he’s looking to the side, his little hand against the post.  Just love it!