Love watching them grow!

Oh how I look forward to my annual fall session with little “N”!  Isn’t he ADORABLE!!




Mom and Dad own a landscape design company and it is always interesting to hear them name all the plants and trees by their proper name.  Can’t remember what kind of tree this is, but it sure was cool!!

Pssst…CT, these are for you!!

For one of my dear friends.  She is one of those friends who you can really be yourself around.  One of those friends who you trust your most guarded secrets too(not that I have any, my life is not that exciting really), one of those friends who would much rather pay you a compliment than hear one about herself, one of those friends who is not afraid to tell you when you’re out of line, but also the first to encourage you when you’re having a bad day.  All these nice things I’m saying about her will make her feel REAL uncomfortable, but I don’t care!  I have a couple friends who are one of those friends.  I am blessed that way.  Thanks CT, for being one of my bestest friends!!  Oh, and doesn’t she have beautiful children….





Baby girl!

Isn’t she adorable?! She was such a sweetie!  Got some with her beautiful eyes open, then she took a little nap for us.  It’s not very often I get to do newborn like shots on a 3 month old.  I told you I’ve had lots of new babies lately and more on the way!



Lots of babies!

We have had lots of new babies lately.  This time a little girl.  I just loved her chubby little cheeks.  I could have stuck her in my camera bag and brought her home!

Congrats “M” family she is perfect!