Happy St. Patricks Day!

I just finished up this session and thought there were too many great shots not to share a bunch!  I also wanted to share the vendor of the cute little ruffle romper.  There are many vendors who sell similar items but I’ve had a couple clients bring in this one in particular and I love them because they are so soft.  Babies love wearing them.   Some of them can be a little scratchy and the more comfortable your baby feels the better chance we have of capturing happy expressions!   Here is the link of their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-that-ruffle/180034172028854  and here is there etsy page: http://www.etsy.com/shop/allthatruffle

I hope you all have a LUCK filled day!



Daddy and the Bean

When I first started this business facebook didn’t exist or at least I didn’t know about it.  I wrote a lot on my blog.  I updated it frequently and people could really get a sense of who I was.  I’d like to get back to that.  I figured this image was a good place to start.  It goes without saying that I love these two.  The handsome guy in the image is my best friend.  I can’t imagine someone being more supportive of me and this business than him.  I’m a little shy, not a risk taker and I worry.  He says if I could, I’d worry about worrying…haha!  Without him telling me I could do this, I probably wouldn’t have.  He has been the driving force in most every momentous occasion in my life…the nudge I always need.  Just as he has given me the confidence to live outside of my comfort zone, he has given our kids the gift of believing in themselves and taking a little risk even if it means you may fall.  The thing that makes that such an incredible gift is we all know he will be the one to pick us up if indeed we stumble.  He is one of two boys so I wondered what he’d be like with a daughter of his own.  Watching the two of them together is so incredible.  I know that she will choose wisely when it comes time for her to pick her best friend in life because she knows exactly what to look for.   This was the first real snow of the season and a place I discovered while hunting for pine cones for her birthday party craft.  By the way, he’ll hate that I gushed on and on about him here.  🙂 

Valentine Mini Session 2013

Hello everyone!  It’s time to sign up for a Valentine Mini Sessions!!  Please e-mail Shannon@shannonwalton.net to reserve your spot.  I’ll need your e-mail address for the PayPal invoice and your 1st and 2nd choice for session times.  Sessions will be booked in the order PayPal invoices are paid.  If more than 2 children will be photographed a separate session should be booked.  Due to a busier January than expected we have had to limit the sessions to 12.  We are currently booking regular portrait session for the 2nd week in  February as January and the 1st week are already full.  I have a few more ideas up my sleeve for these mini’s but am waiting on a prop and another background.  The other background is set to  be delivered next week so I’m hoping to get my Emma Bean in the studio to give you some more examples.


***UPDATE*** Valentine Mini Sessions are SOLD OUT!  Thank you so much!!

Closed for VACATION!

Just a little note to let everyone know that the studio and I will be closed for vacation Sat. July 23rd-August 1st.  I am planning to disconnect from my phone and computer as much as humanly possible during this time.  If you do leave a message or send me an e-mail I will return them as quickly as I can after August 1st.  This summer has flown by faster than any summer I can remember.  I’m sure it has to do a little with the fact that all three of my kids played baseball or softball.  It will be nice to look them in the eyes and eat a meal together a few nights in a row.  I’m very much looking forward to the break and hope to come back rejuvenated and full of great ideas for fall 🙂

We have had quite the baby boom at the studio the past couple weeks.  Since I won’t be posting for a week or so I decided to put some of the newborn images I’ve taken for everyone to see.  Congratulations to all the new parents and siblings!!

Isn’t she lovely!? ~ Illinois Baby Photographer

Well, it sure has been awhile since I posted on my newly designed blog!  Summer has been very busy for us here at the Walton household.  We  have 3 kids playing ball this year so I can count on 2 fingers how many free evenings we have this summer 🙂  I have been trying very hard to manage my time this summer to allow for a little more family time.  My son graduated 8th grade, my other son will be moving to the junior high, and our daughter will be a first grader.  I suddenly realized  how fast they’ve grown and that I may only have 4 more years  with my oldest under my roof. 🙁  I honestly don’t know where the past 14 years went.  People say it all the time but I feel like time just keeps going faster and faster and to be honest it scared me just a little.  Well, maybe a lot.  So, with that being said, my blog was probably the least on my priority list.

Now, onto little miss “C”.  She was absolutely perfect!  Here she is with her two favorite people…

Where’s the baby?

There she is!!

At this point it started to rain.  The beauty of my studio is that we have a great outdoor shooting area and if the weather is too hot, too cold or it starts to rain we can shoot some inside.  So, that’s what we did…

So we took a bunch inside and notice it cleared off so back outside we went…

So I finally had to say to her mom, “If we keep shooting you are never going to be able to pick!”  This is only a small portion of the images in her gallery.  She is lovely, so are her parents.  Happy half birthday “C”!!