Babies, Babies, Babies ~ Illinois Newborn Photographer

It’s been a new year full of babies 🙂  I haven’t shared newborn photos here on the blog for quite some time so I decided to grab several from some recent sessions to share.  I’ve had lots of incredible new clients this year.   One of my new dads carried a baby brush around in his back pocket to fix his little loves hair in between shooting.  So adorable.  It’s really an amazing experience to witness the love felt between parents and their new bundles.  Sometimes I’ll look over when shooting and see the biggest grins on their parents faces and I’m quite sure they don’t even realize their smiling from the inside out.   I consider myself blessed to be a part of their first days together.

We are anticipating a new baby boy this weekend.  Our Myla will have a brother 🙂   We can’t wait to get our hands on him and already have the perfect name picked out which I’ll share on Saturday when he comes home!  Besides a newborn baby’s head their is no sweeter smell than puppy breath…lol!  I hope you’re all having a great week!


Closed for VACATION!

Just a little note to let everyone know that the studio and I will be closed for vacation Sat. July 23rd-August 1st.  I am planning to disconnect from my phone and computer as much as humanly possible during this time.  If you do leave a message or send me an e-mail I will return them as quickly as I can after August 1st.  This summer has flown by faster than any summer I can remember.  I’m sure it has to do a little with the fact that all three of my kids played baseball or softball.  It will be nice to look them in the eyes and eat a meal together a few nights in a row.  I’m very much looking forward to the break and hope to come back rejuvenated and full of great ideas for fall 🙂

We have had quite the baby boom at the studio the past couple weeks.  Since I won’t be posting for a week or so I decided to put some of the newborn images I’ve taken for everyone to see.  Congratulations to all the new parents and siblings!!

New Blog~New Baby

So we have a new blog, which will actually be our new website soon.  I love the new features this blog offers and everything can be found in one spot.  I have been terrible about updating my website because quite frankly it was a pain.  This new site makes it easy to update galleries, add favorite sites, info, ect.  I LOVE it!  I love the colors, the layout, the overall feel.  It is me.  I hope you all love it too!  I still have galleries to add, but you can view a few of them under the “My Work” tab at the top.  Today I worked on the blog, but I also photographed the sweetest little baby girl.  Which also brings me to the next reason I decided to make the time to upgrade my site.  I have missed posting about my sessions.  I have missed sharing my experiences.  I believe the connection I make with my clients is the reason we have grown each and every year.  The blog has always been my way of staying connected and will admit that facebook has made me lazy.  Well, I plan to change that starting with this little beauty…

How on earth….

did I ever get so lucky?  I get to snuggle brand new babies, meet their wonderful parents, and create images they will treasure for years and years to come.  How did I ever get so lucky?  I don’t know how, but I sure am grateful 🙂

I had a REALLY hard time picking images for this sneak peek.  I try not to share too many because I enjoy seeing clients reactions to my work in person.  I will admit, I do like making people cry (tears of joy of course). 🙂

Illinois newborn photographer

Just a note to let you know I will be unavailable until Tues.  My friend and fellow photographer are getting together to shoot each others families over the weekend.   I am over the moon excited to have some images of my family to plaster all over my walls.  It will be nice to let someone else shoot my kids and as an extra bonus I get to be in them too 🙂  I LOVE her work and if I can’t shoot my family, she is who I’d pick so it should be fun!

People say that newborn smiles are only gas….I am a firm believer that those newborn smiles are VERY real!  There is no way this is gas…

I’ve shot so many great sessions this week.  Will share bunches next week!  Have a great weekend everyone!