Illinois Child Photographer ~ Simply Adorable

Is it really possible to be this cute?  How can so much cuteness be rolled into one little boy?  How on earth will his parents ever look at this face and those eyes and tell him anything but YES?  What is even more amazing is that his big brother is just as unbelievably adorable!  One of my favorite little guys, at one of my very favorite ages (9 months)….

Mom mentioned she’d love to have one shot of his first little tooth popping through.  Mission accomplished!

What did I tell you!  I just want to eat them they are so cute!

Two of my favorites!

Not only are these two of my favorites, they are also at two of my favorite ages!  Little “B” is 9 months and big brother “T” will be 3 very soon!!  I had a terrible time choosing photos to share.  I like having that problem 🙂  This family is always up for anything.  I had maybe 3 images of  “B” where she wasn’t smiling from ear to ear and big brother is always FULL of expression!  It was nice enough to go outside the studio that day and I LOVE shooting outside.  I’m fortunate to be located in a place where we can take advantage of the green grass and foliage right out my front door.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Lots of little ones turning  ONE this month!!  Here is a little cutie I’ve been photographing since she was brand new 🙂  I apologize for my lack of posts to the blog.  Fall is my busiest time of year.  Speaking of busy we are completely FULL until Jan.  I have no availability for the rest of the year.  Most of my fall clients booked their fall sessions at the beginning of the year.  What a FANTASTIC first year in our new studio. Thank you!

Happy 1st Birthday Little Princess 🙂

How on earth….

did I ever get so lucky?  I get to snuggle brand new babies, meet their wonderful parents, and create images they will treasure for years and years to come.  How did I ever get so lucky?  I don’t know how, but I sure am grateful 🙂

I had a REALLY hard time picking images for this sneak peek.  I try not to share too many because I enjoy seeing clients reactions to my work in person.  I will admit, I do like making people cry (tears of joy of course). 🙂