Daddy and the Bean

When I first started this business facebook didn’t exist or at least I didn’t know about it.  I wrote a lot on my blog.  I updated it frequently and people could really get a sense of who I was.  I’d like to get back to that.  I figured this image was a good place to start.  It goes without saying that I love these two.  The handsome guy in the image is my best friend.  I can’t imagine someone being more supportive of me and this business than him.  I’m a little shy, not a risk taker and I worry.  He says if I could, I’d worry about worrying…haha!  Without him telling me I could do this, I probably wouldn’t have.  He has been the driving force in most every momentous occasion in my life…the nudge I always need.  Just as he has given me the confidence to live outside of my comfort zone, he has given our kids the gift of believing in themselves and taking a little risk even if it means you may fall.  The thing that makes that such an incredible gift is we all know he will be the one to pick us up if indeed we stumble.  He is one of two boys so I wondered what he’d be like with a daughter of his own.  Watching the two of them together is so incredible.  I know that she will choose wisely when it comes time for her to pick her best friend in life because she knows exactly what to look for.   This was the first real snow of the season and a place I discovered while hunting for pine cones for her birthday party craft.  By the way, he’ll hate that I gushed on and on about him here.  🙂 

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