That’s what we call her.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with photographing her.  I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because she has a loose tooth and those top baby teeth will no longer be.  She’s growing up, I don’t like it, but she is.  She could be the most photographed child in Central Illinois.  After all I started doing this when she was just 9 months old.  Yep, nearly 7 years ago.  So many things have changed in that time, I have grown as a photographer, and she has grown into a little lady.  I look back at the thousands of images I’ve taken of our baby, our only girl, and am thankful to be able to give her beautiful photos when she is grown.  My hope is that she looks at these images and feels how much we loved HER, not how much I loved photography.

Fall is almost here and the field was looking beautiful with all the yellow flowers in bloom.  It was just calling for the new yellow chair, so her daddy and I made promises of  an ice cream cone at DQ and she agreed to some fun in the field.   The sun wasn’t quite low enough when we first arrived so she got that cone before our session 🙂  She has always been pretty great as long as I’m patient while we are shooting.  Most of the smiles are a result of her dad giving me bunny ears or pretending he sees a spider on my head.

We are completely booked for September and I only have 3 remaining spots in October.  So if you want a fall session it’s best if you grab one now 🙂

**Anyone who posts a comment on THIS blog post will be entered to win a complimentary session and (25) custom holiday cards!  That’s right, I’ll waive the session fee and you’ll get a set of (25) cards!  The session will be booked for November 2011.  Session can be immediate family or a sibling/kid session(no large groups or newborns).   I’ll draw a winner Friday! **

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  1. Love the colors in these ones of Emma! Her freckles are so cute. My fav is the 5th one from the bottom! So pretty 🙂

  2. First of all these pics are great! She is so adorable! Love the frekley nose. Secondly, I would love a session! I hope I win!

    (I am doing this a second time because it said it didn’t go through. So sorry if it is posted twice)

  3. Such precious photos – with a bit of attitude! 😉 Love it! Reminds me that my baby will one day be 7 years old!!! How blessed we are to have daughters!

  4. Hey, that was my nickname growing up…Bean!! Love the colors and smiles!!! Also, I would love to win, since I have only seen your work through my cute little (Hessing) nephews pictures. I live > than 2 hours away, but would definately make the trip for pictures of my 2 kids!!! thanks for the chance… Jackie

  5. I thoroughly enjoy seeing your Pictures and the many faces of Emma! The real moments are mh favorite! 🙂 You have an amazing gift I think most parents wish they had! Emma will have the most amazing video of these moments you have captured, for her wedding some day.
    You give the gift of capturing moments in time and memories to be cherished!

  6. Love contests! I can’t believe how big your “bean” has gotten. She is turning into a young lady! If your sad, just remember the stories you told me of her when she was potty training! Then you’ll be thankful she is growing up! 🙂

  7. Shannon, your daughter is as gorgeous as your work! I am sure she will love the photos you take of her, what a lucky little lady! Looking forward to seeing you next month with our one year old, it just doesn’t seem possible!!!

  8. Shannon – she is gorgeous! I love the one of her hands on her head – I’ve seen that look from my kids! 🙂

  9. Gorgeous fall colors!! I love the one where she is blowing the little wispy stuff, whatever that is. 🙂 Beautiful as always, Shannon!!

  10. Such a pretty little lady!! My favorite is the one where she is crouched down holding the flowers-such personality!!

  11. AMAZING photos as always Shannon!! She really is looking sooo grown up. I know the feeling! I can’t believe JR is going to be 11 in a couple weeks!! I want to go back and do it all over again!

  12. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments!! I LOVE reading all of them! The photo of her with her hands on her forehead like she is SO over being photographed totally cracked me up! I also love the one of her blowing the cotton. I think the key with her and most kids is to let them play. Sometimes I want so badly for her to do something, but if I just sit back and be patient the impromptu unplanned moments are the best. Jennifer, I’m definitely thankful to be done with the potty training phase 🙂 Nikki, Emma came home and told me how nice you were 🙂

  13. I remember seeing her when she was born. A very proud grandmother was showing her off to everyone at work! I do believe she became a climber with duct tape to her diaper. Now she has grown up and figured out how to have slip overs. Yes…work her father to a say yes. I do not know where the time has gone becasue it means the same at my house. They are so grown up and so many more adventures will be the road the travel.

  14. I love the one of her blowing cotton. It reminds me of making a wish as a child. Your daughter has so many memories, hopes, and dreams ahead of her! How neat to capture such a great point in time!?

  15. We recently had Shannon take pictures of the kids and they turned out great! She has fun with the kids and they feel very comfortable with her. Great experience! LOVE the pictures on this post.

  16. What dates do you have available in Oct.? I have 2 girls ages 15 months and 3yrs. and am interested in a session if the dates work out.

  17. What a beautiful little girl! She looks like she enjoys having her picture taken and you have captured her personality so well.

  18. I absolutely love your pictures! You do such a great job with children! And I love the fall colors in these pictures!

  19. Love love love your work always have and always will. I follow your posts and FB daily you are such an inspiration for me an aspiring photographer only hoping to be 1/4 as good as you someday. Your daughter is beautiful. Penie

  20. i can see why you like taking pictures of her she is a very sweet littl girl and they are only little once

  21. She is just adorable. my very favorite (which is hard to choose) is DC 5664.. you can see her personality and joy!

  22. Oh how I enjoy our Emma- Bean! Even though she claims she never remembers my name (which I do not believe). Nothing puts a smile on my face like hearing a little voice squeal “Lisa” and I get a big, running to meet me, hug! These pictures are a delight and I have no doubt she “feels the love”!

  23. Very cute photos! Love the one of her blowing the seeds! fyi, that yellow flower in the background is goldenrod and is the worst for people that suffer from seasonal allergies. Sorry! Thats the landscaper in me!

  24. The pictures are just lovely! Your daughter is a future heartbreaker for the boys. Enjoy this stage and the toothless stage that will come soon. We will be looking for more pictures.

  25. BEAUTIFUL pictures of such a BEAUTIFUL little girl!! Love all the different expressions she has on her face in the pictures!

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