Where I started…

Those of you who have been following me and my work for awhile now will most likely recognize one of the beauties in this post.  I have been photographing her since I started.  This family changed the way I thought my business would go.  They changed the way I thought of photographing kids and families.  I’m thankful they were one of the very first clients because it’s a session that I think about often and am continually reminded why I do what I do.  During that very first session I drove to their home.  Mom had planned a tea party for her daughter and I sat back and watched (and snapped) the connection unfold.  I FELT the love shared by this family.  It was an amazing experience to witness and capture with my camera.  I left there thinking, that is what I want from every session.  I want to “Capture the Spirit of Childhood.”  Those tea party images are still hanging on their wall and while I’ve grown as a photographer in both business and skills I’m reminded how important what I do is.  I’m reminded that I am responsible for preserving these memories for a lifetime.  So for those of you who choose me as your photographer, I’m grateful.  Fast forward to 2011, the “G” family now has a new daughter and little Miss “M” has a sister.  I recently photographed them together and had so much fun seeing this new connection in their family.  I have so many clients who have become dear friends.  I have so many kids I have watched grow and each time one of them walk in the door I’m grateful to be a small part of their lives.  Now that I’ve gotten all sappy let’s proceed with some photos, shall we?

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