Monthly Archives: April 2011

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Mother’s Day Special!!

*********Update**********  The Mother’s Day Special is FULL!!  Thank you so much! So I’m a little late to the game and I wasn’t really planning on doing a Mother’s day promotion but yesterday I was proofing this session and realized how much I loved photographing it and how much images like this would mean to me […]

Two of my favorites!

Not only are these two of my favorites, they are also at two of my favorite ages!  Little “B” is 9 months and big brother “T” will be 3 very soon!!  I had a terrible time choosing photos to share.  I like having that problem 🙂  This family is always up for anything.  I had […]

Where I started…

Those of you who have been following me and my work for awhile now will most likely recognize one of the beauties in this post.  I have been photographing her since I started.  This family changed the way I thought my business would go.  They changed the way I thought of photographing kids and families.  […]