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Tonight is date night with my daughter.  We’ll be doing a little shopping, eating and with any luck belly laughs will also be shared.  There are a couple things I’ve been meaning to post about so I’m going to try to make it short and sweet because remember I have some belly laughing to do.  I get e-mails almost daily from photographers and aspiring photographers asking me questions about photography, business, where I get my props and so on.  While I’m flattered to have inspired others I just don’t have the time to answer every one.   In a perfect world I could take the time to sit down and answer every question in detail but right now keeping up with my clients and my family is all I can handle.  The world wide web is a wonderful thing and you can find pretty much anything you take the time to search for.  I will tell you that I shoot manual 100% of the time when photographing clients.  There is no luck involved in the creation of my images.  Well, sometimes I get lucky with a killer expression or a pose that one of my little clients create themselves, but I choose the settings, lighting, background, posing, ect.  I know my camera, I know my lights, I know the rules of composition.   I have even gotten really good at anticipating those killer moments, in fact, when my photographer friends were here I was photographing a newborn and  said to them, “mark my words, we are about to get a smile!”   Sure enough within seconds our little baby was grinning from ear to ear 🙂   I will admit that when I first started my shots were mostly luck.  I couldn’t stand the feeling of not being in control and knowing I was going to be able to deliver fantastic images every single time so I have spent the last 6 years continuing to learn and develop my skill.  Another thing to consider is not only the photography aspect of being a photographer, but the business aspect also.  It’s not always easy running your own business.  I could certainly do without the business part of business but in order to succeed and plan for the future  I have to devote just as much, if not more, to that part of being a photographer.   Having a business plan, insurance, studio policies and paying taxes are just as important as knowing how to take a great photo.

The second thing I’d like to chat about for a second also has to do with e-mails I receive.  I get so many great e-mails, facebook messages, even hand written notes from clients thanking me for their experience.  I would like to create a testimonial link here on the blog.  If you’d like to write a testimonial I sure would appreciate it!  You can send them through the contact link above.   95% of my clients come from referrals…that is pretty awesome!  I would love to share some of those experiences with my potential clients so if you have the time I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!
Let the belly laughing BEGIN!!

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