Monthly Archives: August 2010

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Illinois Child Photographer ~ So Stinkin CUTE!

Most of you know that 9 months is one of my very FAVORITE ages to shoot!  When you get to shoot one this cute, wearing something this cute, it just doesn’t get much better 🙂 Sneak Peek for her mommy 🙂

They grow like weeds…

It’s been a year since I photographed this little beauty.  I have a couple images of her hanging in the studio and couldn’t believe how much she changed in just one year.  She was busy and full of personality….just how I like them 🙂  The family shot is another I could post in the “what […]

A gift for Grandma…

I have to tell you that these kids were perfect!  You could tell they hang out together all the time and I just loved how close they were.  I’m only posting a couple because Grandma wasn’t able to make the session and want to show her all the images so I can see the look […]

A sneak peek has been requested :)

and since I appreciate when clients are excited to see their images I guess I can accommodate the request 🙂  I met this family 2 years ago and fell in love with them.  Their kids are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!  I’ve been looking forward to this session for months now.   So here is a tiny little peek […]

Art for your walls…

Before photography was my profession, I, like many people considered and 8×10 a wall portrait.  I would occasionally order an 11×14 of my favorite photographs thinking this was a BIG image.  I think many look at the numbers 16×20 or 20×30 and think,” that must be a mural!”    Actually,  it’s not,  and depending on your […]