They grow like weeds…

It’s been a year since I photographed this little beauty.  I have a couple images of her hanging in the studio and couldn’t believe how much she changed in just one year.  She was busy and full of personality….just how I like them 🙂  The family shot is another I could post in the “what to wear” post.  I love their solid brown shirts and her coordinating brown pattern!

This is the last week of summer vacation before school starts for my 3 kiddos.  I may take a bit longer to respond to e-mail and voice mails as I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with them.  My baby is starting kindergarten…how on earth did that happen??

A gift for Grandma…

I have to tell you that these kids were perfect!  You could tell they hang out together all the time and I just loved how close they were.  I’m only posting a couple because Grandma wasn’t able to make the session and want to show her all the images so I can see the look on her face 🙂  What a beautiful group and they made it sooooo easy!!  I really enjoyed hanging out and hope they make the cousin session an annual event!!

A sneak peek has been requested :)

and since I appreciate when clients are excited to see their images I guess I can accommodate the request 🙂  I met this family 2 years ago and fell in love with them.  Their kids are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!  I’ve been looking forward to this session for months now.   So here is a tiny little peek cause I’m not quite finished with them.  Hope this will hold you over “A” 🙂

Art for your walls…

Before photography was my profession, I, like many people considered and 8×10 a wall portrait.  I would occasionally order an 11×14 of my favorite photographs thinking this was a BIG image.  I think many look at the numbers 16×20 or 20×30 and think,” that must be a mural!”    Actually,  it’s not,  and depending on your space a larger image or a collection of smaller images is usually more in proportion with your walls and furniture.   When we think of an art gallery we think of huge images (poster size)  hanging for all to see.  Why not make your images of your little works of art the center of your room.  The focal point.  I’m attaching a couple examples to show you.  I have never had someone say to me, “Gosh I wish I had ordered that smaller!”

Here is a 20×30 gallery wrap hanging above the chair I used to shoot it.  The image on the chair is an 11×14.  Although the photo is BIG, it fits really well hanging above the chair.

One of my clients ordered a 24×36 gallery wrap and (2) 16×16 gallery wraps.  She was kind enough to send me an image of her display.  I love how it shows the proportion.  Those are large images, but they fit perfectly in this room.

I would love to see how more of you are displaying your prints and canvas.  If you’d like to e-mail them to me at I would love to share them 🙂