Loving this spring weather!

We are on spring break here and I’m loving this beautiful weather.  I had a couple bunnies in the studio last week.  I posted one on my facebook fan page so if you’re not a fan click the link at the bottom of the blog to check it out and become a fan 🙂  I update the fan page on a regular basis and post images from current session there too.
This little doll is one of my baby plan members.  You’ll be seeing a lot of her this year.  If I don’t get a chance to post before Sunday, Happy Easter everyone!!

Oozing with CUTENESS!!

I have been trying really hard not to post images from this session because I wanted mom and dad to view them at the studio so I could see the look on their faces when they see them for the first time.  I’m not quite finished with their session but just couldn’t help but share.  I totally melted the minute he looked up at me from his car seat and grinned from ear to ear.  I have found myself grinning and laughing out loud every time I open a new series of shots.  The red hat may be one of my all time favorite hats!!  Such a doll and his parents were awesome to work with.  So here is just a teeny tiny sneak peek 🙂

Where have I been?

I have been sooo busy!!  We hosted my first newborn workshop recently and have been a shooting fool this winter 🙂  The workshop went even better than I had planned.  We had 2 beautiful babies, 2 awesome big sisters and 2 sets of parents who were phenomenal to work with!!  Not to mention a fabulous group of photographers from around the country.  I really enjoyed teaching and would love to do it again very soon!

We are really busy in the studio getting our viewing room ready.  It should be complete tonight!!!  The projector is in and you are going to be blown away seeing your images larger than life 🙂  All viewing/ordering will now be done at the studio.  I really miss seeing my clients view their images for the first time and am looking forward to assisting everyone in choosing artwork for your home.  We checked it out last night on my own photo and I could count my every freckle!!

From the new studio, our first workshop, our viewing room I am totally blown away by how far we have come in such a short amount of time.  I love what I do and have worked so hard to get here, but all this would not be possible without my clients, friends and family so THANK YOU!

Speaking of clients and friends I opened my mailbox yesterday and found this:

I cried when I opened it!  What a perfect gift, it will be treasured always.  I am blessed to work with such amazing families….Thank you!!