Most of you know I mainly shoot little clients but occasionly I get to shoot seniors.  “K” was AWESOME and we captured some stunning images!  I also loved her clothing choices!   I love shooting things that aren’t the norm for me because it challenges me and lets me be creative in a whole new way.  I had a hard time picking favorites to post so this will be a large share. 












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  1. Cool pics again Shannon. Love the fire on the bat and the creativity of the prom dress and ball. Great job again.

  2. Once again, I must say amazing pictures! I can’t believe that “K” is a senior, and her pictures are stunning! I love the pictures in our softball uniform and the prom dress with cleats and the volleyball! WOW!!!!

  3. These are so cool, Shan-great job. I love the prom dress and the ball. Maybe I will use one of “K” for my facebook-looks better than mine !!

  4. I have two favorites of just her… the black and white and the one in the purple shirt. Love all the different outfits, props, and backgrounds. Of course, love the location shot in the dugout and with the bat. So many different and creative ideas-the dress and volleyball. Again, you’ve out done yourself.

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