All Smiles

This little fella always makes me work for grins.  Well, not this time.  He was all smiles!  9 months may be my favorite age to shoot.  Always love hanging out with this family and they don’t get any cuter than their little guy:) 



Not only did dad have a harley, but mom and dad both ride dirt bikes, so we thought dad’s bike would make a great background too 🙂

The charm on his little toes was a gift from another rider and hangs on his bike for good luck.  I’ve used wedding bands for that shot in the past and love it when parents incorporate things that mean something to them in our sessions.


Harley baby :)

I love it when clients have special requests.  More to come of this beautiful boy.  Congrats to mom and dad…he is perfect!


Catching up!

I’m so far behind in posting to the blog!  Here is yet another beautiful set of siblings who came from the Chicago area.  I’ve said this before but think I could start my own modeling agency with just the kids I photograph.  Thanks to the “B” family for making the drive, loved seeing you guys again!


Almost forgot…

This is my favorite shot from this session.  I love how brother is just sitting there continuing to look at me while little sister is pinching his cheek, he never flinched, just kept on looking.  Look at the pure joy in her face.  These boys were soooo good with her.  Such a little princess 🙂