Maternity Part II (the outdoor session)

As promised here are some outdoor images from my latest maternity.  I have already mentioned that I love this family, but will say it again, I LOVE THIS FAMILY!  In just a short while their will more of them to love!  Can’t wait!

Isn’t this first image just adorable!!! 














Has anyone else noticed lately how cool our skies have been?!  The skies the evening of this maternity session were sooo cool.  Lately we have had incredible blue skies and big puffy clouds.  A dramatic sky really does add to the feel of an image!  If only I could control the sky for every session 🙂

Chicago Part I

This is the first family I shot at the Chicago Botanic gardens!  They were awesome, and the gardens were beautiful.  The great thing about this place is each time we went with a new family we found something new.   We did use the brick circle cut out for each session because I just loved it and it was the perfect place for kids.  My son Ryan went along to each session and have to say he did a tremendous job.  I was so proud of him!  Thanks so the “T” family for inviting us to capture your family.  It was a pleasure meeting you!


I need to be more specific

I arrived for my last session before leaving for Chicago and realized I forgot my cell phone.  I never foget my cell phone…ever!  10 minutes go by, then 15, still no clients.  20 minutes go by and I really start to panic, I have never been stood up for a session and have shot this family before so I started to worry something had happened to them.  Nearly half an hour goes by and in drives my husband to the the gardens.  Thankfully my cell phone rang several times at home and he thought he better answer it!  It turns out my clients were waiting for me at the Peoria botanical gardens, not the ICC gardens.  Oops!

They flew to the ICC gardens and although we didn’t have as much time I think we got some keepers.  Mom is patiently waiting for some sneak peeks so she is going to get a LARGE one.

I’m sorry for the confusion “H” family and will be more specific next time:)


I’m back!

I believe I have caught up on all e-mails and voice mails.  The Chicago session went better than I could have hoped for.  Awesome families and the Chicago botanic gardens were just incredible.  I have a lot of sessions to proof and am going to get back to them right after I post these images.  I meant to post more of these three, but it sort of slipped by me so this isn’t really a sneak peek, but wanted to share anyway.  I have more maternity images from our outdoor portion to post but will get to that a bit later.

I really do have the best job on earth 🙂



Some info and one beautiful belly!

I will be out of the office until next Monday.  All calls and e-mails will be returned next Monday. 

So I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph many maternity sessions.  In fact this will be my 3rd one.  My first with a toddler.  I have been photographing this family since little “K” was a newborn and when his mom contacted me about maternity images I was over the moon excited.  I have to say that I was a little skeptical we would get more than 2 shots of little “K” with his mommy because he’s 2 and well 2 year olds pretty much have a whole other idea about what they are and aren’t going to do!

He was absolutely perfect!  Just perfect!  I got some of my ALL TIME favorite shots with him and his soon to be brother/sister. 

Mom was just beautiful!  I had sooo much fun!  We also did an outdoor session and won’t have time to get those up, but wanted to give “A” a little sneak peek before I leave to shoot in the Chicago area.  Dad wasn’t able to join us for the indoor session, but have some of the whole fam I’ll share when I return.  Thank you “P” family, I cannot wait to meet this baby!