Make a wish…

We went to the park today and Emma found this pile of cotton wood (?), not sure if that’s what you call it.  Anyway, she told me she wanted to make a wish.  Guess what she wished for?  A pony, yes a pony.  At least my girl knows how to wish big!

The sad part is as were were walking home she said, “I wonder if my pony will be in the backyard when we get home?” 


2 Replies to “Make a wish…”

  1. Oh, how reading your blog with Emma reminds me of years gone by with Ashlynn. She also wanted a horse for our backyard and just couldn’t understand that it would be any different than taking care of a dog. Hope Emma wasn’t too disappointed. Cool picture for her room!

  2. Your Emma can borrow my Emma’s cowboy boots and hat when you get her that pony! 🙂

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