Our Father’s Day adventure!

It really did turn out to be an adventure.  We decided to take the kids fishing to a new place in Victoria IL.  We didn’t have a specific address so we just put Victoria IL in the gps and headed out.  I have to tell you that my gps may be the single greatest gift I have ever gotten.  I am completely and totally directionally challenged.  My husband use to say things like head south and I’d just look at him like what the heck are talking about, just tell me to turn right or left..haha!  We have named the gps Sally and she always gets me where I need to go.  So we finally get to Victoria and evidently there are many lakes at Snake Den Hollow.  On the way we came across a huge soft shell turtle in the middle of the road so we stop to show the kids and I get out my camera and the lens completely fogged up so I didn’t get a shot of him.  Emma walked up to him and he moved faster across the road than I ever thought a turtle could move, it was pretty cool to see (just wish I had gotten a photo).  My husband and the kids got out of the van to check one small lake out for fishing and we left Emma’s blanket on the top of the van, well thankfully when we put her back in the car because the small lake was no good for bank fishing it had gotten shut in the door.  THANK GOODESS!  Can you imagine if we had lost her beloved blankie??  We then decide we will need more water before we find a suitable lake and Sally took us through this one lane dirt road through the middle of a field.  You should have seen the dirt on my van from the pot holes we drove through.  Sally did get us to the gas station though.  We got directions to the big lake at the station and once again drove through the dirt road and finally found a great place to fish!  I was beginning to worry we wouldn’t.  Emma and I used the restroom when we arrived and about 5 minutes later discovered a snake right outside the boys restroom, just next to the girls!!!  Yikes!!  I guess there is a reason they call it snake den hollow.

It was hot but the kids had so much fun.  Emma was way more into playing with the worms we had for bait, but did actually catch a fish.  Kyle caught mostly weeds and my husband spent most of the time  fixing poles and getting them unstuck.  We kind of expect that when we take them.  He is such a great dad and it was just nice to hang out together on our own little adventure. 

Just in case your wondering that is the snake we saw.  I can’t believe I was even able to shoot it. 


Downtown and a handsome little fella!

It was warm, but it was fun!  This is another little fella I photographed as a newborn, then at 1 and now at 2!  Gosh, I have the best job!  His momma is a super sweetie and loved seeing them again.


I hope they know…

I hope this family knows what a gift it has been to photograph them since the very beginning, and I mean the very beginning.  Before I even had a price list, before I knew anything about running a business, before I ever realized what this passion for photographing kids would become.  When I left that very first session I drove home knowing this is what I wanted to do.  Many, many sessions later I still drive home from their session with much more than just images in my camera.    I drive home realizing that years from now little “M” will be sharing the images I took of her with her children.  I realize that I am a small part of their history, I certainly don’t create the memories I am just the fortunate one who gets to capture it.  I sure hope when she tells them the stories that go along with the images that she remembers how I did a flip on her swing set in the back yard 🙂



I just love this family!  I have been photographing  big brother for several years now and look forward to each session.  I cannot believe little sister is already a year.  They are both beautiful kids with the coolest parents! 

Here are more the “C” family session…


Oh my word!

I am totally in love with this photo.  The newborn in the chair in my flash header above is now an ADORABLE little one year old.  I can hardly believe it’s been a year.   I opened this photo and gasped.  I smiled, then laughed.  I closed the photo and opened another and went back to look at it again.  I have probably done this 10 times today!  Those lips, those cheeks, the way the mulch makes a beautiful natural background.  I have tons to share from this session when I’m finished but wanted you to see what has made me smile at least 10 times today!