4 more inches…

Just 4 more and he will look me in the eyes!!  When did this happen? 

I found a couple images from the very first time Ryan met his little brother Kyle in the hospital.  The second is one of my very favorites.  His reaction to meeting him is priceless!  I am so thankful someone had the camera ready!  He is 3 years old in these…



Now look at him…







6 Replies to “4 more inches…”

  1. Love these photos! Ryan, you are so handsome and such a great kid! I also love the “big brother” shirt. Must have been a great place you got that shirt from!

  2. He looks more and more like you all the time. He’s just as handsome as you are beautiful. Wait until he’s 4 inches taller than you.

  3. Today is the 17th…no posts since the 5th. Are you wanting me to find another blog to start stalking?

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