I nearly cried…

When I found the locks of golden hair laying on the dining room floor.  I nearly cried when my friend Jessica pulled the rest of her hair into a pony tail and cut it all off.  My husband kept saying, “It could be worse.”  He’s right, it could be worse.  She now has a fresh new do for Spring that will be much easier to do in the morning.  Here are a couple of Emma’s attempt at cutting her hair and then of my friend Jessica’s fix.  She could be bald and I’d still think was the cutest thing ever!!  I tried telling her that if she cut her hair again she would look like a boy.  Well, her response was, “I want a boy haircut!”  Needless to say ALL of our scissors are under lock and key! 






4 Replies to “I nearly cried…”

  1. And who said that their daughter would never do such a thing. I believe that you said that to me about a week ago! Every girl cuts their own hair at one point in their life!! You are right it could be worse but her hair turned out really cute!!

  2. Looks like she made a pretty straight cut…maybe she’s found a new calling. Next all her Barbie’s are going to get haircuts like hers. Did she like her new hair style? She looks so much older-adorable!!

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