He made us work for it!!

When I arrived to this little ones session he grinned at me and instantly I saw an adorable little dimple.  Well as soon as the camera went in front of my face **POOF**  it was gone.  So our mission became capturing the elusive dimple.  Now, I bet your pretty excited now to see this said dimple but I’m saving it for the gallery!!  Ha!  Even without the dimple he is pretty darn cute.   He fell asleep for a bit in daddy’s arms so I took advantage.  I love sleeping babies and there is no safer place in my opinion than in daddy’s arms.   He woke up and then we did some with his beautiful momma!  Here’s hoping your colicky days are over “H” family and thank you for letting me spend the afternoon with you!blog13


I love how his foot is on his dad’s thumb.  So tiny!


Look how he is holding his hand…how sweet is that?!


I’m not sure it gets any more comfy than this. 


and the stare I love so much!!


5 Replies to “He made us work for it!!”

  1. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!! Shannon, you are amazing! I am so excited to see all of them! You really captured him in every mood!

  2. Thank you Carrie! I’m excited for you to see the rest. It was a pleasure meeting your family and I look forward to capturing his first year!

  3. I would have to say the black and whites with mom and dad are my favorites. What a sweet little face!!!

  4. Darling darling baby! My fave shot is #5 with his mom. That shot is beutiful to me. Now I’m gonna have to go see the dimple on your site. 😛

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