We’re Expecting!!!!!!!!!

Ha ha!  Gotcha!  Well, we are kind of expecting, not me, but the newest baby Walton will be here shortly.  My brother-in-law and his wife are due in April and I cannot tell you how excited we are!!  I can’t wait to get my hands (and camera) on this baby!!  I have been told I will have to wait in line as there are many who are anxiously waiting his/her arrival.  They didn’t find out the sex of the baby, but will say that my Emma is sure it’s a girl!  They have waited for this for a long time and am so, so happy for them.  They have been so good to my kids, Scott managed to spoil them even from 3 hours away and Courtney just sweetened the deal when they got married.  I am very much looking forward to returning their kindness. 

They have had a few hiccups during this pregnancy but will say Courtney has really been a trooper.  They are going to be such great parents and can’t wait to witness it.  We love you both!

Here are a few snapshots from the shower…




Don’t Forget!

I’ll be at Glendale School tomorrow (Sat.)!!  Please see post below (Mark your calendars!)

Ahhh, 2 year olds!  Busy, busy little 2 year olds!  I was so thankful it was warm enough to venture outside during our session.  What a doll!  I think his dad is thinking I’m going to post a shot I took while testing my light, but while I was setting up the camera for our outdoor images I looked over and saw this…..


Well, I wasn’t totally ready with my camera settings because I wasn’t planning on shooting in the harsh light in their backyard.  Dad is in focus but the little guy isn’t.  Even though the lights not the best and the image isn’t perfect I thought it was fun and photography is about capturing the moment and the memories and I think this is a good example of both!

Happy 2nd birthday “B”!  It was a pleasure to meet you and your family!!  I will add you to my list of favorite clients simply because you are Cub fans!!




Sherry, you may want to grab some tissue!

I have a feeling you may get a little teary seeing how much little “E” has grown in 1 year! 

Remember, my little stethoscope baby.  Well, he’s one now!  Mom had the stethoscope ready and I brought a canvas I’ve had displayed in my office since his newborn images.  Every one of her kids are just absolutely gorgeous and their mom is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  I’m looking forward to photographing the whole gang this summer.

Little “E” then….


and now…




How did I ever get so lucky?

I was looking through the images I took of Emma the other day and came across these two.  Emma wanted her daddy to sit with her so I took the opportunity to snap a couple of them together.  I have to tell you that this thing, this business, this career, this amazing experience of being a children’s photographer started with him.  He encouraged me from the very beginning.  He keeps me organized, keeps my files backed up, loads software, he is my technical guru.  He is my prop finder.  He found the limb for Emma’s valentines, climbed several trees to find the branch for the newborn images, he helped our friends load and haul a full size couch to a field and then waited on stand by to come pick it up again.  He is my light tester.  He will let me practice new lighting and posing whenever I ask.  If I’m trying something new he is always willing to give up an afternoon scouting a new location or testing some idea….always. 

If I say, “Boy, I’d like to have that new camera, or wouldn’t that new lens be awesome,” the next day I’ll have e-mails from him showing me the best place to get it or some deal he found while searching. 

He’s and incredible dad!  We have been married for almost 13 years now and he makes me laugh EVERY DAY!  I’m thankful that God allowed us to find each other because I can’t imagine my life without him in it.



Mark your calendars!!!!!

I am doing a display at the Glendale School Craft and Home Party Vendor Show!!

Where: Glendale School

1000 Bloomington Road

East Peoria

When: Saturday, March 28th

Hours: 10:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m

Lunch will be available for purchase along with lots of great vendors including yours truly and my friend Jill from j.doodle designs.

I am super excited!!!  I’ve ordered many new samples to display including canvas, metallics, books, cards, and so on.

If you book your session at the show for the month of April or June 2009 I am offering a complimentary 8×10 and sheet of wallets.    The special is only good if you book at the show.  I am also going to have a drawing to win a gift card from a children’s store (just haven’t picked which one)  This is a great chance for you see all our products and I would love to see you! 

I think I’ll ask Colleen to join me and maybe she will sing for us.  If you have followed the blog for awhile you know she is such a great singer and I think her talent will really get us some attention at the show!  Whoever thinks Colleen should sing please post a comment!  lol…she is going to kill me!!