Photographer in the making…

My friend Colleen is a bit ornery, which is probably why all my little clients love her.  Our sons are on the same basketball team this year so we get to watch the games together.  Emma was sitting with her and picked up her camera and wanted to take a picture.  She couldn’t get it to work so Colleen told her that she had to stick out her tongue and scrunch up her face in order for the camera to work.   So, Emma  did exactly that…



Ha ha!  I nearly laughed my head off!!  This is her taking a picture of me…(if you look closely her tongue is still out)


…and this is the picture she took! 


Pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  I’m loving the composition on this one. 

Thanks for the chuckle Colleen!

2 Replies to “Photographer in the making…”

  1. How cute! I just love that little girl. She brightens up the whole world with her smile and personality. Love you lots Emma!!!! Great picture Emma!!

  2. What a laugh! You’ll have to let her know at some point that she really doesn’t need to do that with her face. I think she did a really good job on the picture of you and I love her name on the copyright. Great job Emma!

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