An apology, a thank you, and pure sweetness!

First the apology. In the 3 years I’ve been a business I have never missed an appt. I am always on time (most times early), well except the time I ran out of gas (remember that?). Anyway, the other day I was making ham and beans, doing some laundry, mating some socks (I detest mating socks), just catching up on some things around the house. I came upstairs from switching the laundry and noticed the light on my blackberry was flashing. I listened to the voicemail and it was one of my new clients “J”. Her message:

“J”: “Hi Shannon, this is “J”, I thought you were taking pictures of my kids this morning at 10:00.”

Oh my gosh! It is now after 11:00 and I totally started to have a panic attack. I knew her session wasn’t til tomorrow, I checked my calendar just this morning and her session is not til tomorrow!! I ran to my calendar and I had written the date down in the correct spot on the monthly calendar but when I transferred it to the daily calendar I put it down on Friday instead of Thurs.!! Oh (word that rhymes with strap)!

I called her right away and apologized 10 times for my flub and she was just as sweet as can be. I felt so bad I called her again an hour later to apologize again. We rescheduled for the following Tues. So again I just wanted to tell “J” that I’m sorry and I appreciate you being so great about it. So that brings us to my thank you…

Thank you to the “S” family for referring these wonderful new clients.

Now, onto the the pure sweetness. I totally fell in love with these two kiddos. Miss “A” was so polite and full of personality. I laughed through our entire session. She chatted and sang and asked me loads of questions. “What’s this for Miss Shannon?” “What do you do with this Miss Shannon?” She got to try out my new fabric background and I think she was pretty excited. I have loads of favorites from this session. It was difficult to narrow it down to just 3 each.







4 Replies to “An apology, a thank you, and pure sweetness!”

  1. Jill~these are precious!Shannon your work is awesome! “A” is very entertaining. Like a 20 year old trapped in a 3 year old body. LOVE it!

  2. Looks like you caught a different part of her personality in each shot. And he looks like a very happy boy. They are both adorable!! Great stuff!

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