Just hanging out…

Gosh I love that shot!  I feel like a broken record, but this ADORABLE little guy was one of my newborn clients and came back for his 3 month session.  I am so grateful for all my baby clients who allow me to capture their babies first year.   3 months sessions are great for using mom and dad as props.  Babies this age can’t sit up on their own and little “A” wasn’t crazy about being on his tummy so I asked his mom to join in.  It turned out to be one of my favorites. 

His mom brought this hat…have I mentioned lately how much I love hats?!

Hanging my heart…

on a limb for you!  I’m not really sure how my mind works sometimes, but I was at the store shopping in the valentine aisle and saw this heart.  Well, for some reason it inspired me to hang it from a tree.  (I know…why would I think that?)  Anyway my husband found several limbs for me and think it worked out so cute for Emma’s valentines.  As you can tell I couldn’t decide on an outfit….

I’m pretty sure this is the final draft for her valentines for school.  These will be small cards like business cards printed front and back.  I plan on attaching them to her treat bags like I did for my boys last year.  I used bookmarks last year and decided to try something a little different.  I think I’ll print them using the labs pearl paper.  Now, all I have to do is think of something for Kyle.  Boys are a little tougher than girls for valentines.  Nothing very boyish about pink and red hearts and flowers. 


My friend, fellow artist and owner of j. doodle designs created the adorable denim jacket Emma is wearing.  She creates custom clothing and accessories unique to your  child.  Check out her site http://www.jdoodledesigns.com/  She’s super sweet and way talented with a paint brush! 


When sledding goes bad!

We took the kids sledding today and Emma wanted to go down the hill first with big brother.  Well, it didn’t turn out so well.  If you have ever wondered what pure terror looks like on the face of a 4 year old here it is…


So obviously she was traumatized and wanted nothing to do with sledding after her first trip down the hill and having her brother topple over her in the snow.  Sorry, I didn’t get an image of that since I was running to her rescue as soon as I realized they were going to tip.  Luckily right before we were leaving her daddy convinced her to only go halfway up the hill to slide down and he promised he would not let her tip.  He kept his promise and she even smiled once she realized she was going to make it to the bottom safely.  Hopefully we haven’t scared her for life!

What a fun day.  I even took a couple trips down the hill.  Just so you know, Kyle and I took one heck of a spill too.  No broken bones and tons of fun!

How fast they grow! ~ Illinois Child Photographer

Too fast if you ask me!  It seems like yesterday I was shooting this little ones newborn images.  This is the big sister of the newborn I just posted.  She recently celebrated her first birthday.  So while I was there photographing her little brother we took some birthday shots of her too!  Such a little doll! I always love watching them grow!  Happy 1st Birthday “J”!


Our son Kyle was picked from his class to be in the school spelling bee.  He came to me the day before the bee and this is our conversation:

Kyle:  “Mom, I’m really nervous about tomorrow.”

Me: “You’ll do great Kyle, just forget about all the people and concentrate on the judges.”

Kyle: “How am I suppose to do that, there is going to be like a million eyes watching me.”

Me: ” Maybe not quite a million.”  “Just relax and do your best.”

Kyle: “Mom, will you tell your photography friends that I’m going to be in the spelling bee?”

Me: “Well, how about I get there real early so I can get a good seat and take photos of you at the spelling bee then I can post them on my blog so all my photography friends can see them?”

Kyle:  “That would be really cool mom!”

He made it to round three!  He was pretty upset when they dinged the bell that he misspelled his word…I could tell he was fighting back the tears.  His brother Ryan was in the spelling be several years ago and was so nervous he missed his very first word.  Even though the two of them fight most of the time I found out that Ryan was actually coaching him on the rules of the spelling bee.  He made sure he knew that he could ask for a definition because some words can be tricky like blue or blew.  That makes me smile!

Way to go Kyle.  We sure are proud of you!