Peoria Illinois Children’s Photographer ~ Playroom!

Little K’s playroom was bright, cheery and full of color!  She was surrounded by her favorite things including mom and dad.  She even had a family photo album…loved that!  Can’t think of a better place to shoot a busy toddler!

I’ll give you three guesses to what she was saying in this photo (hint: it starts with a “ch” and ends with an “e”, it also rhymes with please)

4 Replies to “Peoria Illinois Children’s Photographer ~ Playroom!”

  1. Shannon, what a great collection of photographs. I work at a children’s hospital in Memphis and it is always great to see the photographs of the kids on the walls…I know these will be treasured for years! Great job.

  2. She is adorable and I love all the colors, but…the last one is my favorite. You can’t beat that sweet smile and those beautiful eyes. I have noticed the comments of the other photographers and I think that is really cool! Nothing like an “atta boy” from your peers. Very proud of you!

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