Monthly Archives: November 2008

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She’s 4!!!

Someone has gone and replaced our baby girl with this….  On the day she was born it snowed what seemed like snow flakes the size of sheets of paper.  It was very cool that our first snow of this year was on her birthday.  We thought for sure she was going to be a December […]


Happy Thanksgiving from the Walton’s!

Ahhhh, sibling love….

Can’t you just feel it?      I most definately think that should be the front of their holiday card, don’t you?  Great kids, adore their parents and really enjoy photographing them.   Can’t decide between the black and whites and color so I’m gonna post both…      

My Abercrombie Model…

He acts like he would rather have teeth pulled than be photographed.  Secretly though I think he may enjoy it a little.  I even caught him busting a move (is that what the kids still call it?).  Man, I’m getting old!  It was fun hanging out just the two of us.    People say he’s alot […]

More hats!

Isn’t she adorable?!  I ordered this hat awhile ago and was just waiting for a baby girl to use it!  Just love it.  She only left it on for about 2 seconds so it’s a good thing my camera is faster than that!