Don’t you just love outtakes.  Many times the outakes at the end of a movie end up being my favorite part of the whole movie.  As you can imagine, photographing kids I get LOTS of outtakes, and alot of times they are my favorite images.  I’m a little weird like that I guess.  I think I’ll start sharing some of the outtakes.  Images that wouldn’t make the gallery cut, but still make you laugh out loud!!  Here’s one from a recent session….



 It’s hard to believe that the above image happened just minutes before this one…

I’ll let you decide which one you think is more “real” life than the other!!

Here’s a couple more favorites..


3 Replies to “Outtakes!”

  1. WOW! The first one made me laugh and I love that the girl on the right thinks it is so funny, yet she’s not the one getting hit with the stick. The first one of the 4 of them together is fabulous, and the last one is the sweetest thing the way they are looking at each other. I’m a big fan of the bare feet too. But the one of them walking is my favorite. The trees kind of framing them is awesome, the girls holding hands, the little guy on big brother’s shoulders, the stair step head heights…everything PERFECT!!

  2. I am speechless! The first image really captures the reality of 4 children growing up together…..this is what I expected to see in print. The last 3 just make me proud to be their mother. Thru it all, they really enjoy each other’s company and it shows. Thanks Shannon for capturing some beautiful images!!

  3. The first one does make you laugh. The other photos are awesome! What a beautiful family! Jill and Jason, you should be proud of your family! The last photo is just amazing. The location looks like a great place. Yes, your Christmas cards are going to be the best cards delivered…..until The “G” family’s card hits the post office. :} Shannon….no pressure…but wait I think you knew that already.

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