If only I could go back.

If I could go back say 11 years I would definately insist on having a newborn session for each of my kids.  I look at all the newborn images I’ve done and each time wish I had photos like this of my children.  They truly are works of art for your home featuring the most precious of all gifts, your baby.  They are timeless and can be displayed for many, many years.  That newborn look only lasts for a few weeks after birth so if you are thinking about it I would highly encourage you to capture that time in your babies life. 

This little guy was such a good sleeper and mom and dad were fabulous to work with.  Congrats to both of you on your beautiful baby boy!

One more thing…I want you to notice his finger in the second image.  I am really starting to get a complex as this has happened quite a bit lately.  hehe!







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  1. WOW! Usually I can pick a favorite right off, but this one I can’t. I love them all. They are so sweet and he is adorable with all those wrinkles. The black and white is awesome.

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