My she has grown!

I photographed little “L” when she was a newborn.  I hadn’t seen her since her newborn session and cannot believe it’s already been 9 months.  Her mom and dad could not be more in love with their little one and grandma and grandpa sure like her a lot too!!  Grandma and grandpa joined us for their family session… thank you for your help!  I could just feel the love with this family and have to say she is for sure one lucky little girl!! 

She has the most amazing blue eyes!


This next one is one of my favorites…

One of my favorite kiddos!

Love the whole family actually.  I have been photographing him since he was brand new!  He is so adorable I wanna just squeeze him!  Mom is a sweetie and brings me cool things to use from grandma’s attic like the chair and car!  I’m always excited about new props!  Dad won me over and may be my favorite of all because he bought me a pack of apple cider donuts while we were at the orchard.  I would love to say I came home and shared with my family, but I hid them in my secret spot and ate every single one myself!!  Thank you, Thank you!  I had a REALLY hard time choosing what to post.  I know I say that all the time, but it really is true.  I’m saving my very favorite for the front page of my website.  I actually tried to put it up and if you check you’ll see just a blank box right now.  I need my technical guru (my husband) to take a look and figure out what I did wrong.  Hopefully it will be fixed this evening. 

Only one comment on my family posts!!?  I thought they were pretty funny actually.  I know you’re looking cause you tell me when I see you!!  Post a comment, I love getting them!  If you’re confused about how to do it let me know and I’ll help you out!






We have no availability for the rest of 2008.  We have been full since very early this year.  Thank you! 

I start taking appts. for 2009 in January.  Lots of my clients book their sessions at that time because they know we fill up fast.  Most of the sessions I am shooting this fall have been booked for months.  With that said, anyone wishing to book for next year should contact me in Jan.  A $65.00 non refundable deposit is required to hold your session.  This deposit must be received within 5 days of booking your session.  I understand that kids get sick and things come up so you may reschedule your session if needed.  

I will only be shooting the first couple weeks in December then plan to enjoy the holidays with my family.  The colder months, when we are unable to go outside (January and February) I will only be shooting newborns and my newborn clients who are wanting to do 3, 6, 9, 12 month sessions. 

If you have any questions please e-mail me or give me a call.


My husband’s idea…

Yep, this was all his idea!  The thinker pose is what I like to call it.  Look even Emma’s joining in. 

Isn’t that hilarious!? I think so.  This next one I shot this evening.  My kids are the most difficult kids for me to photograph.   What kills me is that the scenery is absolutely beautiful and the light on the island perfect.  I had visions of this beautiful sibling moment and this is what I got. 

Outtakes part 2

This one happens to be one of my own family!!  It cracks me up and just may be my new family wall portrait.  Thanks to my friend for helping me out with these.  I actually have another I’m going share that I think quite funny.  More soon!